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Experienced in both classical and recombinant vaccines of microbial and mamalian technology platforms. Provide technology support during the development of vaccines from concept to commercialization. Provide trouble shooting in resolving technical issues pertaining to product yeild, purity and efficacy. Provide techncial support in Analytical method development and validation.

Experienced in end-to-end biologic process development. Our team excels in vector design and cloning, utilizing the latest techniques to optimize the construction of plasmids for protein expression. Our team of bioprocess engineers and scientists work together to develop innovative solutions for our clients, leveraging our expertise in process optimization, scale-up, and technology transfer. Trust us to deliver exceptional results for your biologics process development needs. We specialize in protein expression and purification, utilizing advanced chromatography and filtration methods to obtain high yields of pure proteins. Our team is also experienced in fermentation optimization and media formulation, ensuring optimal growth conditions for the production of biologics.
Process Engineering /
cGMP Manufacturing Facility Design

Process engineering comprises of prepration of PFD's, Equipment sizing, material and energy balances, understanding bottlenecks, calculation of cycle times and theoretical maximum number of batches and deriving product costing. 

Development of Conceptual layout of manufacturing plant and fixing unidirectional movement of personel , material, product and waste ensuring proper segregation of processess in terms of containment or prevent product mix-ups as per cGMP requirements.

Collaborative / Contractual Product Development