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Krismo Biosciences was founded as a Propritary Firm in the year 2021 with a primary objective to provide Innovative and constructive technical support in the form of Bioprocess Consultancy, Contract Process Development and cGMP manufacturing facility design and commissioning in the areas of Vaccines, Biosimilars, Equine polyclonal antibodies, Nutraceuticals and Agricultural Products.

Krismo Biosciences is incubated in ASPIRE Bionest as a startup company involved in the development of products required for the unmet needs in Biotechnology.

Krismo Biosciences aims to provide handholding to startup companies and persons who wish to take up enterpreneurship in the field of Bioproducts. We provide guidance on translating innovative idea into novel products through a stagewise accomplishing of proof of concept, robust manufacturing process, analytical methods to establish quality and efficacy of product enabling successful and speedy launch of the products in markets.